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About our Founders

Working to Foster a Transparent and Authentic Community of Women

Here at embrace your next, our intent is to be a catalyst for positive change.

Welcome in! We are Ruth and Chris. After meeting, we became fast friends and supported each other through some challenging life transitions. We came to realize that not only do each of our businesses service a very similar population, namely women who are near or in the “middle of life,” a time when it seems that change is the only constant, but that there wasn't enough peer support available like we had given each other.


Ruth, a bit younger, and Chris, a bit older, both bring unique viewpoints and experience to what it means to be approaching or in middle-age these days. And we both firmly believe that it is not meant to be navigated alone!


So we founded embrace your next, a safe place to encourage, empower, support and celebrate all women who are in the middle parts of life, the changing parts, the re-centering times…call it what works for you, but it’s powerful and can be life-changing! This community provides a place for you to share, grow, progress, encourage and be encouraged. Above all, we will celebrate what it means for each of us to be here, at this age, at this stage, trying to figure out what comes next.

As a Coach, Ruth is a natural guide toward building resilience, personal development and reaching goals. And Chris, photographing women exclusively, shows you that your beauty is ageless. Together we will encourage everyone in this community to discover, share and embrace

your next - whatever that may be.


Chris Marcinek

Hi Everyone…I’m Chris, and I’m looking forward to getting to know who you are! Here’s a little about me…I’m a professional photographer and I L O V E what I do. From the beginning I’ve been an observer…the natural world, animals, trees, flowers, and shadows always caught my eye. Five years ago, I opened Chris Marcinek Photography and began taking photos of people. Now I specialize in capturing high school seniors as well as creating portraits of women and families. I currently have a project underway called “50 Over 50.”


I’m married to a musician who plays guitar and bass, and our family includes 3 sons (2 living out of the house), a future daughter-in-law (yay!) and 2 rescued dogs. I’m an extroverted introvert: I love being with people, and I also really love time by myself to think and do and dream.


I have always been most interested in what goes on “behind-the-scenes” of everything. Can’t wait to know all about you, too!

Ruth Lamberty

Hi there! I never used to put my work first when talking about myself, but now I do because I absolutely adore what I do. I'm a Certified Life Coach. I founded Adult Prep, a hands-on coaching and consulting company, after nearly two decades of communications and engagement work. I support teens and adults in the areas of personal development, school and career goals, executive functioning, life skills and leadership skills. I try my best to give back regularly, by volunteering with several community organizations.

As for my home life, I live in Baltimore, MD, and am married to the love of my life, who is on his second marriage. I have two young adult step-daughters and a lab-mix furbaby, but no biological kiddos. I love to cook, spend time with friends and my greatest passion is travel.

I can't wait to connect with each of you, learn about your passions and worries and what drives you to embrace your next!