What is life, without           a lot of fun!?

From tips on travel and dreamy destinations to how to keep that youthful glow, we cover it all! We draw on this amazing group of women (now including you!) to keep us in the know on entertaining events near and far, help us take video chats to the next level with flirty tech tips and inspire us with family adventures and solo find-yourself retreats. 


Let’s do this! We'll help you and you'll help us and together we'll find the fun in embracing our next.


Whether it's envisioning your next career, planning your upcoming adventure, dreaming about what could be and all of your next steps; join us, join each other and have some funnnn! We're all about the fun, but at heart, embracing your next is all about you!*

Where will your next inspiration come from? What's all the buzz about? What will you be talking about for years to come? And who will you choose to be when you embrace your next?

*About time, too!