And We're Not Talking About Just Bras

Our world is a big place, but without the support of others, it would be a very lonely one and we are not meant to be alone! Women have always been strong and are capable of carrying very heavy loads - family, professional life, running a household, volunteering, friendships and much, much more. Sometimes support to help us carry that load is vital for our health and wellbeing. Here at embrace your next, you can find  professional support with a coach, peer support from each other, and many tools for self-support.


All too often, we saddle ourselves with loads that are too heavy to bear on our own, and yet make us feel uncomfortable sharing. But asking for help might be just the thing we need most! No longer should the stigma of damaging our “public face” be a thing! Here at embrace your next, we feel your pain and joy, we understand your confusion and admire your strength.

When you can give  support, please do; when you need support from us, please ask. That’s what the embrace your next community is all about. Reach out to someone who is going through something similar, has been where you are or may be there soon. Talk things out, see things from a fresh perspective and gain clarity on whatever it is that your heart is seeking.